Officer, OCP


Job Description

Job Description( English):

1.     Daily cost management( data entry) on the ocean freight procured by global procurement team including Americas, ANZ, EMEA, Intra Asia & ISC, etc.

2.     Cost management on local charges.

3.     Carrier trade lane information update and maintenance.

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4.     In time follow up internal queries related with rate we’ve input into system.

5.     In time follow up other tasks might be assigned by team leader.

Job Responsibilities (Chinese):

  1. Responsible for the entry and maintenance of freight cost for global shipping team procurement. The main routes are: Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Africa, offshore, Middle East, India and Pakistan.
  2. Responsible for the entry and maintenance of local expenses and costs.
  3. Responsible for updating and maintaining shipping company route information.
  4. Follow up the questions of internal colleagues about freight rates in a timely manner.
  5. Complete other tasks that may be delivered by superiors in a timely manner.


job requirements:

1. College degree or above, 1-2 years of work experience in the ocean freight forwarding industry, proficient in English and Mandarin (spoken and written);

2. Proficiency in using Office /EXCEL/Words/Power Point office software;

3. Strong ability to observe details, proactively deal with problems, have a certain analytical ability, and be sensitive to numbers;

4. Able to work under pressure and complete high-quality work within strict deadlines;

5. Experience in using CargoWise is preferred.

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