Company Description

Factory Crabby is the first seafood restaurant in Indonesia as well as the best Indonesian restaurant with a dining concept without a spoon, knife or fork.

Factory Crabby is one of the best Indonesian Seafood which is placed on the table on food grade brown paper, where customers are encouraged to grab food empty-handed.

Job description

  • Receiving / Welcoming Guests.
  • Ask the number of guests who came.
  • Send guests to the table according to the number.    
  • Provide Menu Book. 
  • Give a signal to the waiter / waitress about the number of guests. 
  • Record guest daily visit data.
  • Accept and record reservations.
  • Receiving calls, receiving take away / take-home messages.


  • Man / Woman
  • Mak 35 years old
  • Minimum education is SMU / SMK / SMIP
  • Experience / Non Experience or just graduated please apply
  • Love the restaurant world
  • Neat and polite
  • Able to work in teams / individually
  • Able to establish good communication between fellow teams

Additional information


  • Mess / Residence
  • Bonus Tips
  • BPJS
  • Uniform