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Company Description

H&M is a fashion brand, offering the latest styles and inspiration for all — always. Customers will find everything from fashion pieces and unique designer collaborations to affordable wardrobe essentials, complete-the-look accessories and motivational workout wear.

All seasons, all styles, all welcome! But H&M is more than just fashion. With price, quality and sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA, H&M is not only a possibility for everyone to explore their personal style, but it also offers a chance to create a more sustainable fashion future.

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Job Description

1. Sales & Profit

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You are responsible for achieving the Sales and Profit goals in your store by creating a plan to deliver a Great Customer Experience in line with the Area.

  • You regularly analyze and follow up your Store’s Sales & Profit KPIs and take actions accordingly to maximize results
  • Together with your Area Team, you set the hours plan in line with the sales budget
  • Together with your Store Management Team, you ensure scheduling maximizes conversion within the frame of the hours plan
  • You prioritize and take actions in your store that have a clear impact on sales in line with your Area Team
  • You give input to the Area on your Store’s allocation to secure a good garment level according to sales
  • You ensure your Store’s execution continuously meets H&M standards and follow up using the Customer Experience Tool
  • You ensure Store Operations Best Practices are followed in your store, according to the Area plan
  • You ensure H&M customer service standards are delivered in your store
  • You ensure that the maintenance in your store is managed in a cost-efficient way and meets H&M standards and initiate actions accordingly
  • You actively prevent loss and ensure your Store Team follows appropriate guidelines and takes any appropriate action
  • You inform your Area Team of any potential risks, threats and opportunities related to the competitor landscape

2. People & Team

You ensure you have a Great Team and support its development. You work with succession planning, talent and leadership development and structured performance management, based on results, values and leadership.
You ensure we offer all employees fair and attractive work conditions and that all employee relation responsibilities; legal requirements and H&M policies are fulfilled.

  • You manage the recruitment, training, development and succession planning for your Store
  • You evaluate and manage the performance of your Store Team, including having dialogues, putting development plans in place, giving feedback and following up and taking actions to improve performance and develop your team
  • You actively work with talent and leadership development in your Store in order to support business needs
  •  You ensure regular and clear communication with your Store Team on business performance, H&M’s Company Culture & Values and Country, Area and Store goals
  • You ensure health & safety, legal and security issues are being handled in accordance with H&M standards and local legislation, ensuring employee and customer safety at all times.
  • You strengthen our Company Culture by promoting feedback in our daily work and coach your Store Team to do the same

Additional Information

A Welcoming Workplace

A workplace where people can come together and share their knowledge, experience and ideas with each other is key for inspiring and attracting both customers and talents — all over the world.

We aim to be the best employer around, looking after and caring for all our colleagues. When you start a career with us, there’s no limit to where it can take you. We will trust you with great responsibility from the start, encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and reward a passionate mindset. Welcome to a dynamic workplace where you contribute by being yourself.

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