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Company Description

Grosvenor is the leading Casino operator in the UK and our venues offer the very best quality gaming and leisure experience in an environment committed to safer gambling. We aim to excite and entertain all our customers giving them a memorable experience they will want to return for.

Our casinos are an exciting and rewarding place to work with roles across all aspects of gaming and customer service with opportunities to develop your existing skills and learn new ones. If you want to build a career in casinos that’s fine with us; as the largest operator in the UK, we have lots of opportunity and structured development programmes.

At Grosvenor we are a 24/7 operation committed to safer gambling for our customers and building and inclusive, diverse and engaged team.

Job Description

Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth

Customer Service  The role holder will responsible for:

Responsibility of running the Pit and other gaming activities.
•    Supporting and managing the gaming team to provide the best customer experience.
•    Taking action to maintain the security of the venue when duty managing.
•    Optimising the efficiency of the gaming operation, ensuring that there is sufficient availability of gaming product and that occupancy is encourage by creating an environment where customers are comfortable to play.
•    Ensuring that gaming is delivered securely.
•    Adopting and implementing the agreed customer service standards of the organisation.
•    Engaging with customers, building relationships and listening to their views.
•    Treating customers with respect, recognising customers as individuals and anticipating their needs.
•    Resolving issues and disputes in a fair and equitable manner by using all available information and reaching decisions that treat customers consistently and fairly.
•    Leading individuals and teams by role modelling a customer service ethos.
•    Improving the ability of the team to resolve customer issues immediately without needing to ask their line manager.
•    Providing absolute clarity of performance expectations supported with effective feedback, coaching and being open to challenge where this can improve performance.
•    Implementing ongoing daily coaching, every day, to create an environment where continuous improvement is an expectation.
•    Relating customer feedback to the team in a way that empowers individuals to improve customer service.
•    Monitoring the gaming tables to establish that those procedures in the Gaming Manual are being followed.
•    Complying with all agreed procedures, guidelines and manuals to the required standards.
•    Being vigilant in areas/incidents that could lead a threat to the security of the staff, customers or company assets.
•    Regularly inspecting the gaming equipment so as to maintain the secure operation of games and where irregularities in the equipment are discovered, ensuring they are reported and rectified.
•    Upholding the company’s commitment to the protection of young and vulnerable people, in accordance with the company’s responsible gambling policy and procedures.

Additional Information

•       Experience in dealing and inspecting table games in a casino environment.
•    Excellent customer service skills and the ability to deal with a range of demands and pressures.
•       Commitment to:
•        Creating and running a team of gaming employees who feel respected and appreciated for their contribution.
•           A consistent and objective approach to pit management.
•           Implementing agreed actions in line with the club’s gaming strategy
•           Ensuring the casino is a safe and secure place for customers and staff.
•           All licencing objectives, especially those in relation to gaming and the sale and consumption of alcohol
•        The ability to work collaboratively and find flexible solutions.

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