Canada Express Entry – Everything you need to know


Canada Express Entry Overview: The Canadian government in a bid to meet economic needs and reduce the rigorous processes involved in Canadian immigration introduced the Canadian Express Entry in 2015.

The Express Entry System is a popular means to apply for a Canadian visa. This year (2021), the Canadian Express Entry marked 6 years since its launch.

If you want to apply for a Canadian visa through the Canadian Express Entry system, you would be required to submit your personal profile into a central system where the Canadian government will use a draw to select those that are qualified and process them to the next stage.

What makes the Canadian Express Entry system exciting is that Canadian-based companies can access the pool of visa applicants in order to hire those that have the requisite skills to work in their organization.

In addition, different provinces that makeup Canada can also access the pool of visa applicants through the Provincial Nominee Program with a view to meeting their labor market needs.

In the light of the above, this article shall take a look at the benefits and everything you need to know about the Canadian Express Entry system so that you will have a seamless process when you apply for a permanent residence in Canada.

The Benefits of The Canadian Express Entry

The following are the benefits of the Canadian Express Entry:

  • Faster processing of candidates
  • The government can track the number of visa applicants at a glance
  • The Canadian Express Entry system is efficient
  • The computerized Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which makes it easier to select candidates
  • Visa applicants have the opportunity of networking with potential employers
  • The Canadian Express Entry doesn’t involve much paperwork compared to the manual way of applying for a Visa

This is the point system that the Canadian government used to assess and score the personal profile of the applicants from the pool.

Usually, applicants with the highest score rank higher than their counterparts with low scores. Basically, four factors are used to assign scores to the applicants.

The factors are as follows:

  • Factors relating to arranged employment or provincial nomination
  • Human Capital Factors
  • Common-law partner or Accompanying Spouse factors
  • Transferable skill factors

If your personal profile meets any of the above factors, your profile would earn a high score. This means you would be selected during the Express Entry draw and thus be invited to apply for a permanent residence.

However, if your profile falls short of the requirements, there is an opportunity for you to improve your profile on the basis of human capital factors like work experience, educational qualifications, language ability, and skill set.

Express Entry for International graduates

Are you a University graduate seeking to migrate to Canada? The Canadian Express Entry was also designed with you in mind. With your academic qualifications, the Canadian Express Entry system would automatically assign about 150 points to your personal profile. In fact, if you attended a Canadian university, an extra 30 points would be assigned to you.

Express Entry with Job Offers

If a Canadian-based company has offered you an appointment as a senior management employee and you have taken the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), your profile would be assigned with 200 points, this means you stand a better chance of been selected to apply for the permanent residence. If you possess a highly sought-after skill, you would even earn an additional 50 points.

Invitation To Apply (ITA)

If your personal profile earns a good score and you are selected after the Canadian Express Entry draw, you would receive an invitation to apply for a permanent residence via your mail.

Once you receive the invitation, you should proceed immediately to apply for the resident permit. Otherwise, after 90 days (3 Months), Canadian authorities would assume that you are no longer interested to migrate to Canada.

If you’re really passionate about living and working in Canada, then consider leveraging the Canadian Express Entry.

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