How to Immigrate to Canada as a Farmworker


Have you or are you currently employed in the agricultural sector? Are you looking for a change in scenery? If so, Canada may just be the place for you.

Canada is one of the biggest agricultural producers and exporters worldwide. It has over 36,952 farms contributing more than $42,003 million to Canada’s GDP this year according to

Agriculture jobs are both fulfilling and lucrative, with hundreds of jobs currently on websites such as Agrirecruiting and Workhorsehub. Canada is in need of skilled farmworkers of all levels to fill the current labour gap that the market is facing.

The demand for agricultural workers is a global need and Canada specifically is struggling to fill positions with young farmers as the current workforce is diminishing as most of its workers are near retirement. To combat this problem, the Canadian government has implemented programs to entice foreign skilled workers in the agricultural industry to immigrate to Canada.

Why Work in Agriculture in Canada?

clouds cropland farm at dawn in Alberta Canada

Besides the clear employment opportunities available in Canada, there are many benefits that come with immigrating to Canada and becoming a permanent resident.

1. Global Impact

Farming has a staggering impact on people and the planet. There is nothing quite like being part of an industry that not only feeds, clothes and fuels the world but is also at the cutting edge of implementing sustainability methods that will inevitably change the face of agriculture and farming as we know it.

2. The Simple Life

If you’ve grown tiresome of the office life, being chained to a desk in a stuffy office, then perhaps the farmer’s lifestyle may do you some good. Why not trade in your laptop the great outdoors? You could enjoy life-balance like nowhere else: how does water skiing and fruit picking in the summer sound?

3. Competitive Pay

Jobs in the agriculture sector come with high remuneration in relation to other industries. This means that you’ll not only be able to afford the lifestyle that you and your loved ones deserve, but you’ll be able to save up for your future a lot quicker than you may be able to in another field or country.

4. It Comes With Perks

How does free meals and accommodation sound? What about a company-paid vehicle to get around town? Free public healthcare or public schooling for your children to complete Grade 12? Sounds too good to be true right? In fact, all these benefits are available to you as a permanent resident or Canadian citizen when you decide to immigrate to Canada as a farmworker.

How Can I Immigrate as a Farmworker?

New job openings (resulting from growing demand and replacement need) for general farmworkers are predicted to total 15,200 between 2019 and 2028, with 17,000 new job seekers (resulting from school leavers, immigration, and mobility) available to fill them in Canada.

Due to the lack of agricultural manpower in Canada, there is a large number of farming jobs are available for foreign job seekers as unskilled and semi-skilled workers. If you are interested in the farming industry and have minimum qualifications and experience, you can submit your job application and resume for any vacant position listed below.

Company Type Farming & Agriculture
Job Location Across Canada
Nationality All Nationality Can Apply
Education Secondary Level/High School/Diploma/Degree
Experience Experience in Farming [Freshers also welcome]
Salary Range Depending Upon Job Title
Employee Benefits Attractive Job Benefit & Perks

Job Titles Available for Farm Worker Vacancies in Canada

  • Cattle ranch labourer
  • Beef cattle farm worker
  • Farm machinery operator
  • Feneral farm worker
  • Grain farm worker
  • Harvester machine operator
  • Hatchery worker
  • Poultry farm worker
  • Dairy farm worker
  • Vegetable farm worker
  • Fruit picker
  • Fruit packer

How to Find General Farm Worker Jobs in Canada?

When you think of agricultural or farm work in Canada, you probably think of tractors, animals, endless fields, and long hours for little pay. However, this is an inaccurate and out-of-date representation of what a career in agriculture in Canada entails. If you want to search for general farm jobs in Canada, the best way is to visit the largest career portal in Canada: If publishes the currently available general farm worker jobs in Canada for foreigners.

How Much do Farm Workers Make in Canada?

In Canada, the average farmworker earns $17.58 median wage per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $30,200 a year, with the most experienced workers earning up to $45,400.

Availability of Farm Worker Jobs Across Canada

We have more than 1,641 general farm worker jobs in Canada listed in the JobBank. The job postings found are for all General farm workers (NOC 8431) as of date today.

Location Available Job Vacancies
Canada 1641
Ontario 586
Québec 442
British Columbia 308
Alberta 102
Saskatchewan 75
Nova Scotia 47
Manitoba 39
New Brunswick 18
Prince Edward Island 13
Newfoundland and Labrador 9
Northwest Territories 1
Yukon 1

Permanent Immigration for Farmwork

The best way to immigrate to Canada as a farmworker is through the Provincial Nominee Program. 11 out of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories have their own PNP, each with its own set of criteria, targeting a specific need in the region’s labour market.

Each province has its own set of in-demand occupations and farmworkers are in demand in several provinces in territories, namely:

Provincial Nominee Program # Farms Production Net Income Immigration Programs & Streams
Ontario INP 59,729 soybeans
$179 million Employer Job Offer Category – In-Demand Skills Stream
Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream
Alberta PNP 53,653 wheat
$251 million Alberta Opportunity Stream
Saskatchewan PNP 50,598 oilseed
$1,518 million International Skilled Worker Category – Occupation In-Demand Stream
Saskatchewan Experience Category – Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker with an Existing Work Permit
Manitoba PNP 21,071 livestock
$554 million Skilled Worker Overseas Stream – Human Capital Pathway
New Brunswick PNP 3,034 potato
poultry & eggs
fruit & vegetables
$61 million Skilled Worker Overseas Stream – Human Capital Pathway

Applying for permanent residence through a PNP is particularly beneficial as many of these PNPs also have Express Entry streams, which help to fast track the immigration process. Although the Express Entry System is a point-based system ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) where applicants are scored according to factors such as their age, work experience and qualifications, those who do not qualify for the minimum CRS score may be able to receive a provincial nomination if the province selects them from the Express Entry pool. Provinces are allowed to do this if the applicant’s occupation is in demand in the region.

Receiving a provincial nominee also carries with it an extra 600 points to add to their CRS score, which basically guarantees to receive an ITA.

This is why it is essential to express your interest in a particular province as it increases your chance of being invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Temporary Farmwork

animals blonde hair farm worker cattle farm in Canada

For those looking for temporary farm work, Canada has a Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). This program is geared towards citizens of Mexico and the Caribbean, who are able to nominate temporary foreign workers (TFWs) with farming experience. Participating countries include:

  • Anguilla
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Montserrat
  • St. Kitts-Nevis
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago

Other popular temporary work visa solutions include the working holiday visa. This option is a great way for travelers to visit Canada and want to fund their holiday

Employment Requirements for Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

This is what you typically need for the job.

  • There are no specific education or training requirements. However, a college certificate or specialized courses related to farming, such as farm equipment mechanics, agricultural welding, tree pruning and pesticide application, are available.
  • Basic farm knowledge, usually obtained from working on a family farm, may be required for employment.
  • A course or certificate in first aid may be required.

Duties and Responsibilities

General farm workers plant, cultivate and harvest crops, raise livestock and poultry and maintain and repair farm equipment and buildings. This unit group includes operators of farm machinery. They are employed on crop, livestock, fruit, vegetable and specialty farms.

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Plant, fertilize, cultivate, spray, irrigate and harvest crops
  • Feed and tend livestock and poultry
  • Milk cows
  • Perform or assist in performing breeding activities of farm animals
  • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment
  • Follow food safety and security and animal bio-security procedures
  • Detect disease and health problems in crops, livestock and poultry
  • Examine produce for quality and prepare for market
  • Set and monitor water lines, airflow and temperature in barns, pens and chicken coops
  • Maintain or assist in the maintenance of facilities and farm infrastructure including cleaning stables, barns, barnyards, and pens.
  • General farm workers can become specialized in a particular type of crop or livestock production through experience.

How We Can Help

Want to immigrate to Canada as a farmworker? The process can be both complex and confusing. But by using an accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) you will not only optimize your chances of success in the visa application process, but you will receive expert immigration advice on which program category or stream is best for your personal needs. Our RCICs are registered with the ICCRC and are legally permitted to assist you by evaluating your eligibility, reviewing all documentation and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf. Don’t risk your chances of living your Canadian dream. Let us make sure that all forms are completed correctly and sent in on time.

Put your green thumb to good use and join one of the world’s most innovative agricultural sectors. Simply contact an RCIC today. Immigrating to Canada has never been so simple.

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