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Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers: There are various fresher jobs for Indians in Canada as well. The freshers are mostly searched in hotel lines, designing jobs, supervising jobs, and various others. The Indian freshers are given equal opportunity as the experienced ones and are given jobs in various sectors as well.

There are tons of options available for the freshers mostly in IT sector. The freshers are paid a minimum of 25000 Canadian Dollars for the same. It all depends on the skills and the ability of the applicant to do the job. The Canadian company always welcomes freshers with skills to work for them.

Canada Work Visa for Indian Freshers

Canada Work Permit allows the Indian passport holder to work in Canada for some time and under some terms and conditions. Applicants can either fill an online or offline form application based on the applicant’s preference.

The Indians looking for jobs in Canada have to submit the application form along with various other documents for the same. The jobs in Canada for Indians are provided only by certain employers who are allowed to hire foreign employees. The IRCC provides information about working in Canada, extending work permits, and hiring foreign employers.

How to Get Canada Work Permit From India

The option to apply to get Canada Work Permit from India are by Canada Express Entry

Applying for Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is a competitive system that ranks all the eligible candidates and invites the top candidate for getting the Permanent Residence visa in Canada. Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers

  • Knowing the eligibility: The first step is knowing the eligibility if the applicant is eligible to apply for the Express Entry or not and if the applicant is eligible for the same.
  • Getting the documents ready: After knowing the eligibility of the applicants the applicant needs to get the documents ready. It includes various documents like language test certificates and others.
  • Create a Profile: After the submission of the required documents, the applicant needs to check their score and submit their profile. The applicants give their information about themselves in the profile. The applicants will be accepted in the pool of candidates if they are eligible.
  • Receive an invitation and apply for the Express Entry: The applicant will then be called to apply for permanent residence based on the score received if he is eligible.

Job Qualifications

Canada Entry Express Application Process

Getting documents Ready: After knowing which program, one is eligible for, the applicant needs to get the documents ready for the process. They must submit their documents as a passport, language test results, educational assessment report, provincial nomination, and job offer if they have one. In addition to these documents, the applicant must submit police certificates, medical exams, and proof of funds. The provided documents will be uploaded in the profile later. Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers

Submit Profile: After the submission of all the documents and approval for the next process, the applicant must submit their profile for further steps. The applicant is required to fill out the online form for further processing. During the process, the applicant should submit the documents and will be called in various rounds of invitations for interviews and other processes. Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers

Receive an invitation and apply for permanent residence: The applicants receive an invitation and hence may apply for permanent residence in Canada. The whole Canada express entry application process takes almost 6 months to complete and the applicant may receive the invitation for permanent residence in Canada.

The jobs in Canada for Indians can be found easily if they get the permanent residence visa by following the above process of Express Entry Application. Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers

  • Promoting yourself to employers in Canada: This is another option to get a job in Canada and for a longer period of time. There are various options for the same such as:
  • Explore job websites: The applicants should visit various job portals that show the job available in Canada and apply for jobs through these sites.
  • Canadian Job Consultants: This is another way to get a job in Canada. There is a large number of recruitment agencies in Canada. The applicant may contact the job consultants or recruitment agencies to know about the jobs available in Canada.  Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers

How to Apply

Jobs in Canada for Indian Freshers

The Canadian offices also provide various jobs for Indian graduates in every field possible. Canada being a developed country provides a high number of jobs in the field of IT and technologies and various others. The Indian graduates receive a high salary and are always welcomed by Canadian companies to work for them.

The salary depends on the education, skills, and ability of the applicant applying for the same. They may provide as high as 100000 Canadian dollars to the employees. The companies provide IT jobs, banking jobs, teaching jobs, engineer jobs for Indians in Canada. Various Indian companies in Canada are also hiring various Indian graduates for the same. Some of the highly paid jobs for Indian Graduates are:

  • IT managers
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Registered Nurse
  • Teachers
  • Cashiers
  • Accountants
  • Business analysts

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Jobs in Canada for Indians

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