Making Money in the Post-COVID Market


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Many families have struggled throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, especially since millions of working mothers and wives had to voluntarily withdraw from work to take care of kids or take time off because of sickness. This has not only added to the income gap between men and women; it has also decimated many women’s income streams.

If this situation sounds familiar, never fear. There are ways to make money even in the post-COVID economy, whether you want to return to work in a professional context, start a new business, or just make some side cash. 

Today, will guide you through these ways one by one.

Side-Income Streams

If you just want to make quick money to help out with family finances or support yourself, there are plenty of side income streams you can pursue, including but not limited to:

  • Freelancing, such as doing freelance writing work, freelance video editing, and more
  • Answering surveys
  • Testing apps or other products for fees
  • Getting hired as a digital assistant
  • Starting a blog or YouTube channel and acquiring ad revenue

Passive Income Pursuits

You might also look into generating passive income. Passive income streams usually require a lot of work up front, but then they allow you to sit back, relax, and collect regular payments. Examples of passive income pursuits include:

  • Affiliate marketing, which requires you to build up a blog base and then advertise products on your blog
  • Dropshipping, in which you sell products created by another company
  • Teaching online courses
  • Selling stock photos online
  • Selling other digital products, like gifs or digital art

Enter the Entrepreneurial Game

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. In that case, there’s no better time to build your own business and start running it 24/7 than right now, when you may be working from home or might have even been laid off because of the pandemic.

Being an entrepreneur is risky, but it can be very rewarding. Who doesn’t want to work for themselves and make or sell what interests them? Entrepreneurial business ideas include freelance graphic design businesses, copywriting businesses, arts and crafts businesses, and more. 

Don’t forget to choose the right business structure to maximize your profits from your business. LLCs are often ideal thanks to their tax benefits and flexibility (whether you have employees are not). Check your state’s regulations regarding the formation of LLCs so you file any necessary paperwork correctly and on time. If you need funding, be sure to check your credit report. Securing a business loan can be tricky if you have poor credit.

Make Money Through Marketing Your Business

If you do decide to build a full business, you’ll need to market it wisely to make consistent profits. Yes, this often means spending money, but you know the saying: you have to spend money to make money!

When marketing your business, you’ll be more cost-effective if you send most or all of your ads to your target consumers. Determine your target consumers by:

  • Signing up for Google ads
  • Using SEO research techniques to figure out who visits your site
  • Tracking other key metrics like time spent on page, origins of visitors, and more

As you market, you might want to hire a graphic designer to help you craft thoughtful, engaging ad graphics or add some spice to your website. You can also make brochures for free to supplement your online presence.

Need New Skills? Try Online Programs

If you’re more interested in making more money in the future, especially if the economy returns to full steam, you could go back to school to get a business degree—which will give you an edge in any future entrepreneurial efforts.

No matter how you decide to make money, you can support yourself even if you lost your job during the pandemic and need some extra scratch. Don’t give up—there’s plenty of money to go around and you may find a new career waiting for you as the economy picks back up. is a job search portal that provides you with the latest job vacancies from different companies worldwide. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today!

Article written by Elijah Dawson

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