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Overview of Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

In Canada, the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) was built up in 1966 as a method for conveying specialists to Canada to enable make to up for a lack of apple pickers. Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

Fruit Packer-Seasonal (Apple/Cherry Packers) By SANDHER FRUIT PACKERS LTD

Job details

Location: Kelowna, BC

Salary: $12.65 / hour

Vacancies: 250 Vacancy

Terms of Employment: Seasonal

Start date: To be communicated with successful applicants

Employment conditions: Morning, Day, Evening, Weekend

Job requirements

Languages English

Education: No Education required

Experience: No Work experience or Will Train Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities Fast-paced environment, Repetitive tasks, Physically demanding, Attention to detail, Sitting, Standing for an extended period, Bending, Crouching, Kneeling.

Personal Suitability

Effective interpersonal skills, Flexibility, Team player, Organized Specific Skills

Cherry Packers –Cherry Picking, Cherry Sorting, removing debris, leafs from the cherries on sorting line. Dumping cherries from buckets to tank stations. Making Boxes, and weighing packaged final product.

Apple Packers –Apple Picking, Sorting/removing the defected apples (bruises, cut, hail) from the sorting line. Removing debris or leafs from apples. Package the apples in trays to boxes or bags into boxes. Weighing packaged product on the scale.

Weight Handling Up to 9 kg (20 lbs)



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  1. I’ve worked on farms in Canada before my name is shaheed darin Mohammed I would like to get a job right away so to any a employer this is my phone number 1868 284 2164 I’m willing to work asap thank u

  2. I’m from philipines and I’m really want to apply as a fruit picker, if any one needs employee, please pick me.. I will do wat ever needed for this job…

  3. Marvinsebello Interested +639291081050 mobile phone email address [email protected] Just send me letter of Job appointment i have the job depot company profile to input subject for review before proceeding.thank you very much optimistic September 1,2021 starting the job hopefully done dose vaccinated.

  4. how to apply apple picker?? im interested for that job..pleas contact me…this is my contact#09656170321..thank you maam & sir..

  5. To whom it may concern I am Christopher Amurao I’m from San Dionisio Paranaque City Philippines, I’m under graduate of Agricultural Engineering, I also graduate 1 year of Architectural Drafting, also graduate in Automotive 6 months, I had certificate of Heavy Equipment Operator, such as Grader, Hydraulic excavator, married, 46 years old ,1 son and one daughter, Drivers license 1,2,3,8, my experience in farming fruit and Vegetables iha my own farm ,I know how to plant Bitter Gourge, Egg plant, mushroom, water Mellon, Mellon, etc. I want to share my knowledge of farming in Canada last year I plant Bitter Gourge but it is deficit because the typhoon was coming so I decided to apply being fruit picking jor vegetable picking I had a lot of knowledge of farming even the preparation of plant before and after I had a picture and videos to prove myself in farming and picking vegetable and fruit I’ll hope your kind consideration Respectfully yours: Christopher Amurao

  6. I’m very interested and I am determined to work and ready to relocate and get a job in Canada because of family needs I’m from philippines πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ
    23 year old .

  7. I need to work aboad like Canada because I want to help my family, promise, I’m a hardworker. I can do what you ever want me to do. Please help me to work in abroad. Because I want to help my family…..please please please..

  8. Hi my name is nekisha and I intrested in work am very hard working also I use to operate a small farm for my self. I would love to get the opportunity to work in one of the vacant areas that is available this is my contact #876-868-8649 or 876-286-8317 thanks in advance.

  9. Hi good day,I’m interested to apply as fruit picker, housekeeping and cleaning, security guard or factory workers if any of this have vacant ,I’m a hard worker and I have experience here in UAE for more than 2 yrs,pls help me to find a job inside Canada because I want to work there to help my family,pls. kindly contact me by email: [email protected] and God bless

  10. I am interested for this job. I am golam saiful live in bangladesh. I want to do this job. Is it possible for en foreign employee to get this job.please contact with me. I am ready to migrate canada for getting a job.

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  20. Hi!
    I would love to fill in the position as Harvesting Labourer, in long term contract.
    I’m an overseas applicant hoping you’ll provide an working visa sponsoship as well as accommodation.
    We are 4 applicants in my family.
    Glad to hear you soon!

    [email protected]


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